Who Needs to Register?

 (Mayoral Executive Order 2002-005 & Municipal Ordinance No. 02-075, §3-9.2) 

What Must be Filed?

File a separate, original copy of the form with the City Clerk for:

  • Each specific legislation or contract
  • Each type of legislation or type of contract over which the Lobbyist Representative intends to exert influence.

Before You Fill the Form or File

Read City Ordinance 02-075, §3- 9 .1 through §3-9 .5
Copies of  the ordinance and Executive Order 2002-005 dated May 6, 2002 are available from the City Clerk upon request.

Penalty for Non-Filing

  • Any contracts entered into are voidable by the City
  • Compliance with the provisions of this chapter will be required
  • Contractor shall be disqualified, following notice
  • Contractor will not be permitted to enter into contracts and agreements with the City of Jersey City for a period of two (2) years for each violation

(Municipal Ordinance No. 02-075, §3-9.4)